Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We're Back!

Hitting with Wood is back after a long hiatus. And we're more excited than ever to be bringing you leading edge news and commentary on the wood bat revolution.

Over the past year or so a great deal of new research has gone into the bat war phenomenon. We aim to bring you tidbits on that very shortly, but for now, with the holidays coming up soon, I want to alert you to pay attention to bat makers web sites. Many of them are having special sales and promotional opportunities. You need to support them and make sure they are filling orders.

One such company right now is Trinity Bats. We just received an email that they will be cutting folks great deals at the Quakes Baseball Academy in Laguna, California this weekend. Sadly, we're stuck on the East Coast with heavy rain and cold weather. But you can still check out Trinity's deals at their website.

Phoenix Bats is also doing a promo with free shipping and engraving, but you better hurry since Christmas is almost here.

And, sadly, we're dismayed to learn that Mike Randolph, one of our favorite bat turners, has decided to pull the plug on his Talbott Turnings Chesapeake Thunder operations. Mike's going back to making furniture. We wish Mike luck. And he's got his equipment for sale if anyone out there is looking to start a bat making venture. Make sure to check out the photo of some of his work at the top of the page!

See you out there soon...

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