Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Maple Getting Minor League Treatment

Maple bat restrictions are getting some serious play in the minors this season. See this article from the news section at Minor League baseball's website: "Bat Rules Being Implemented for 2010."

In essence, results from last year's limitations (see my entry here for more on that) tally up to a one-third reduction in broken maple. Ash and maple both break, but maple can be more dangerous due to the explosive nature of breaks (ash more fractures or shreds over time).

What this may mean for the amateur player is the availability of more maple than you can shake a stick at...albeit, maple bats with out of spec, narrow handles and/or barrels in excess of 2.61" in diameter. I'd start calling up my favorite manufacturer and ask if they have bats they'd intended for pros that aren't going to meet the new standards.