Friday, April 4, 2008

Enter the $400 Bat

Louisville Slugger and DeMarini have done it. The $400 bat ($399.99 plus shipping and/or tax) is here. Amazing!

We are told that there is no performance difference between wood bats and metal alloy composites, but now we're being sold $400 metal bats that have cool names: "The Louisville Slugger 2008 Air Exogrid," "The 2009 DeMarini CF3 Black," and "The 2009 Louisville Slugger TPX Triton." don't ask me what the 2009 moniker is about...

Here's what Louisville Slugger has to say about their 2008 Air Exogrid:

New for 2008! For 7 of the past 9 years the National Championship at the College World Series has gone to teams swinging Louisville Slugger TPX bats exclusively. The TPX EXOGRID Technology increases the handle stiffness and strength without increasing the weight. To achieve this, the one piece construction design has metal that is trimmed from the handle in a grid pattern to reduce the overall handle weight. The metal is replaced with carbon inserts that are several times stiffer and lighter than the metal it replaces. For optimum stiffness and the heart of the TPX EXOGRID Technology, we then insert an internal carbon carbon fiber sleeve with unidirectional fibers that run the length of the handle. This step provides greater handle stiffness than aluminum alone ever could. Finally, the exclusive TPX EXOGRID Bi/Fusion Process begins by using a combination of heat and extreme pressure, the inserts, sleeve and metal wall are bonded together to work as a single, solid unit. The TPX EXOGRID is designed with the new St+20 Hybrid alloy which was designed specifically for the TPX EXOGRID.

Wow! Just like my son's Marucci...and my other son's Chesapeake Thunder.

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